June 17, 2024
sikh genocide june 1984

37 Years and Still Fighting for Justice All Over the World!

The month of June and the year of 1984, Sikh community faced a lot of things in just the first 10 days of June. The Sikh community had to go through this terror since 1984 and still on. 

1984 can be said to be the time when people had lost a lot of their families, their knowns and even unknowns. The 10 days of June were destructive. Let’s get to know about the 10 days and remember the history.

1st June, 1984:

The Indian forces entered the buildings with the goal to observe the pilgrims in the Golden Temple. The observation continued for 7 hours and then it resulted in sustaining 34 bullet marks in the main shrine of Harmandir Sahib. The bullet shots resulted in the death of eight pilgrims that included a woman and a child and another 25 were injured.

 2nd June, 1984:

The entrance of the Harmandir Sahib was sealed and the pilgrims who were already in the Gurdwara Premises locked themselves up inside. The media and transportation faced a blackout. The trains and aeroplanes were denied entry. The media persons were not allowed coverage of the incident.

 3rd June, 1984:

Punjab faced a complete curfew. Mass killings happened all over Punjab. The dead bodies were lying all over the Gurudwara Complex. The 11th Guru of the Sikh Religion, SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI was attacked with a bullet shot.

 4th June, 1984:

The GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI was not taken to the Gurudwara Sahib as it is taken daily with respect and love. The announcement was made with the loudspeaker that the entry and exit has been restricted in the gurudwara complex.

 5th June, 1984 & 6th June, 1984:

Some of the ragis were shot dead on the spot. Blind Ragi Amrik Singh and Ragi Avtar Singh were struck inside of the Harmandir Sahib and they were also shot dead on mark. Approximately, 100 persons were struck inside one room with a 6-month-old child.

7th June, 1984:

The handwritten saroop of Guru Granth Sahib Ji were burnt down. The Sikh library was set to fire. The tanks entered the Gurudwara premises and explosions were heard all over Punjab.

 8th June, 1984:

The medical workers in Amritsar were threatened that they would be killed if they provided any kind of help to the pilgrims and the sufferers.

 9th June,1984:

The government ordered the attack on unarmed protestors in Srinagar, Kashmir, New Delhi and Punjab. The mass killings spread to different states. The Gurudwara was under the army control and rather than the enthusiastic Punjab, it became the depressed Punjab.

10th June, 1984:

The guns went silent and the last Sikh fighters who were there in the killings attained martyrdom. The killings went on for months and months.

The month of June is said to be the most depressing and affected month for the Sikh community. The awareness of this month is made all over the world. The Canadian Parliament Leader Jagmeet Singh in his recent video paid respect to the sufferers of the genocide and claimed that it was a clear attack by the Indian government and he even supported that not just Sikh but every community should be safe in every part of the world and the world becomes a peaceful place to live in.

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