June 17, 2024
Aaja Bapu Review Song Jazzy B

Aaja Bapu Review: Jazzy B Released His Song in Memory of His Father

Everyone in these hard times has lost one or the other member of their family or the near dear ones of them. Jazzy B has come up with a new single track remembering his father S. Gurmail Singh Bains. The lyrics are given by our talented Rana Ranbir. The video has a composition of all the pictures of the celebrities with their fathers. 

The lyrics are so beautiful and touching that anyone can become emotional listening to it. This side of a hip-hop and bhangra singer, will make the audience fall in love with him. This shows that he still cries while remembering his dad. He also adds the image of his inspiration KULDEEP MANAK JI who always stood by Jazzy B’s side and made him learn how to sing. 

The beginning of the video is so cute when his dad is seen dancing on meeting his son which is just beautiful. We cannot describe the relationship between a dad and his son or a dad and his daughter. It makes us cry too thinking about such relations and emotions. The team has just made every audience cry with the video and the lyrics of the song.

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