June 17, 2024
Attack on Prem Dhillon

Prem Dhillon Was Attacked During a Live Show in Village Balachaur

Prem Dhillon, one of the renowned singers of the Punjabi Music industry with zero controversies, was allegedly attacked. A video is all-around social media, where the attacker can be seen getting on the stage to attack him.

According to the sources, it is reported that the incident took place in village Balachaur where Sippy Gill and Sultaan were also invited to perform live. In the viral video, it can be observed that the attacker came from the back towards Prem Dhillon and started attacking. Meanwhile, the crowd took the attacker backstage and the show came to an end.

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The face of the attacker has been identified as Gur Chahal, a member of the beeba boys group. He is a well-known rapper and artist of the Punjabi Industry along with being a member of the famous Punjab group, Beeba Boys Group.

A plethora of short videos went viral after the incident took place. Aftermath, the attacker’s face was seen filled with blood and leaving the premises topless. Since no information regarding the incident has been disclosed by the Punjabi Singers.

In a recent tweet, Prem Dhillon is thankful to all his supporters and informs them that everything is fine at this point.


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