March 2, 2024

Block Puzzle – A Comprehensive Guide


Block Puzzle is the oldest puzzle game that has evolved from the arcade into handheld devices that fit right into the palm of our hands. The modern-day block puzzle does not let the pieces fall randomly at the top of the screen, but it gives you a choice of three separate blocks at the bottom of the device screen from which you can choose and place on the gaming area to complete the puzzles in a limited amount of game time.

To play block puzzle online games, you must visit the registered websites and get the game downloaded on your phone to seamlessly on your smart device with friends and other online rivals. Many players have taken immense curiosity to support this type of gameplay. Players are attracted to newer versions that showcase great controls, animations, and challenging setups immortal smp

Let’s guide you through the dos and don’ts you should adhere to while playing block puzzle games. 

Basic Rules

Other than the original block puzzle games, this new game is different in that you get the information of three shapes already coming up in the game. The game is played on a 9X9 grid, which gives you knowledge of how you need to arrange your pieces with the various variety of blocks that come in different shapes and sizes. The goal is to place the falling blocks in the right places of the grid so that you can clear them in a few turns and score as many points as you can within the small time gap. The more blocks you can vanish, making more combos, the better you can score in the game.

The time limit on the game is 2 minutes, and players have to ramp up their strategies if they want to score high above their other teammates. The new pieces only appear after you have set all the present ones on the board. You have to strategize and be fluid; that is the central idea of the modern-day block puzzle. 

Start Building in Corners

Building blocks in the corners is essential to get ahead early in the game. The middle part of the board is what most beginners aim for, which should never be the aim of a player who wants to improve the game. Once you start the game, you are bound to feel the need to cram all blocks in the center and make the connection, but that would only delay your combos and your efficiency in scoring high points. The correct action is to observe the pieces on the board and place them from the corners. You will get a lot of mismatching pieces later in the game, and the most area available is in the middle of the board. If you choose to play in this manner, you will get more vertical and horizontal options that are bound to change, affect your playing style, and improve your chances of getting bonus clearance.

Think Before Placing

The most common logic that defeats players is that they start placing the pieces randomly in the beginning and try to get as many combos as possible. Since you already can see three upcoming blocks in the game, it is wise to sort out your strategy before hurriedly placing the pieces on the board. 

Do not dump the pieces anywhere and everywhere on the board. It often creates a mess, making it hard to make it up later in the match. You can easily score in the beginning and sometimes get quick combos, but it gets harder as you arrive at the end of the game. It has been observed that players who do not plan and make it up as they go are bound to fall short of time in the end, and sometimes it’s game over for them before the time runs out.

Make Space for the 3X3 Piece

The most challenging piece in the game is the 3X3 piece. If you have not already made a place for this square piece, it is the hardest to allocate on the board. Often termed the game-killer, this piece can present a problem to the unaware player. Again, this is where the same trope of creating space by placing blocks in the corner comes into play. Always leave open space on the board so you can get a healthy area to improvise. Constantly making combos in the middle is an ideal way of getting ahead in the game and getting a clear center for this monster piece of doom.

Rush in at the End

In the final 20 seconds of the match, it is wise for the players to head in with full force into the game and start dumping pieces. At this point, you do not need to focus on what size or shape the blocks are; instead, you have to keep your mind on getting the majority of blocks in the gaming area. This is because combinations do not matter when you are coming to an end. The last score is added to your total based on the filled-up area of the gaming board. 

In Conclusion

Block Puzzle is a game of nostalgia presented in this extraordinary pocket-friendly manner. It is essential to understand that the game wants to cater to most of the audience with its newer changes and additions to animations. The best part about the Block puzzle game is that you can play it wherever you want, in a competitive fashion. The guide will help you sort out the necessary tidbits and prepare you for tough, challenging opponents who play it quite professionally in the digital world.








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