July 24, 2024
Eh Dil Kamla Jhalla Review

Eh Dil Kamla Jhalla Review: Harbhajan Mann Releases His New Single Track

A legendary actor and singer, Harbhajan Mann has released his new song, Eh Dil Kamla Jhalla. An emotional genre with an amazing concept will leave you surprised. Harbhajan Mann has always been known for his melodious and heart touching voice.

Again he has left his audience with emotional vibes. Preet Grewal is another talented actress and has done incredible acting in the song. The lyrics are given by Babu Singh Mann. Every word of the song is so connected that it leaves the audience to listen to the song on repeat.

The director Kuljeet Singh has done great work in directing the video. The song is released under HM Records. Do listen to the song and you would definitely go listen to it twice and many more times. 

We wish this legendary singer would bring us more beautiful songs for us.

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