April 16, 2024
Ram Singh Rana Golden Hut Dhaba

Farmers Are Seen Standing in Support of Ram Singh Rana

Moti Mehra, a disciple of Guru Gobind Singh Ji served the 2 younger Sahibzaade and Mata Gujri Ji while they were made to stay in the Thanda Burj by Wazir Khan. He and his wife have given all their belongings to Wazir Khan just to keep their selfless service continued towards the family of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. 

Today, for the farmer’s Ram Singh Rana has taken the place of Moti Mehra. He has been serving the farmers since day 1 of the protest. He is serving them with milk, shelter to stay at his hotel, water and other things. Just as Moti Mehra gave all his belongings, the same Ram Singh Rana did for the farmers. 

But, the government is seen being ruthless and unemotional towards his selfless service for his father and grandfathers sitting on the Delhi Borders. They sealed his Golden Hut Dhaba with big rocks so that he could not serve the farmers. 

Now the farmers are seen standing for him so that he can get his place back. We all are standing for the right and Ram Singh Rana. We wish that he continues to serve his fathers with the necessities needed at the borders.

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