June 17, 2024

Five Things To Do When You Travel to Japan


Japan is a place you would love to visit once in a lifetime, especially if you’re a lover of art and culture. With its unique blend of ancient and modern culture, delectable cuisine, breathtaking nature, and hospitality, you’ll have plenty of activities to immerse yourself in. You can get yourself into the best online casino site or decide to check out the scenery. 


To help plan an unforgettable trip, we have carefully compiled a comprehensive list of the five best things to do in Japan. Take note of the ones that pique your interest, and start planning your ultimate Japan adventure today!


Check Out the Bullet Trains


The bullet train in Tokyo, also known as Shinkansen, is the fastest train, with a speed of 320kms per hour. Riding on this train will give you an exceptional, unique travel experience. 


Visit the Bamboo Forest in Kyoto


One of Kyoto’s most popular tourist attractions is the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, and for a good reason: standing among these towering bamboo stalks is like being in another universe.


The bamboo forest is one of the most photographed places in Kyoto, but pictures do not do this place justice—you need to see and experience the beauty of this place. Once there, allow yourself to feel the serenity and explore the peaceful nature around you. 


Engage in One of the Japanese Festivals


Like other festivals worldwide, Japanese festivals are often celebrated with dance and indigenous music. Many of their festivals are similar to Chinese ones, using the same name and date.  


If your visit to Japan coincides with the most prominent traditional festival called the Awa Odori, which usually takes place in Tokushima City, you’re in for a fantastic experience. The festival usually lasts several days, starting in mid-August. 


Awa Odori features groups of choreographed dancers called “ren.” There are many different rens of different sizes, including amateur ren made up of locals, highly trained skilled ren, and different organization’s employees and children.


Each ren is divided between the men’s and women’s dance, with the men donning a traditional garment known as a “happi” and socks. In contrast, women wear a yukata and traditional “amigasa” straw hat with “geta” wooden clogs. 


The men’s dance is intense and vibrant, while the women’s dance is refined and graceful. Awa Odori is also noted for its distinctive duple-time music, produced by a “narimono” band with several instruments, including flutes, bells, shamisen, and cultural drums.


Other thrilling festivals to explore are:

  • Aomori Nebuta Matsuri
  • Sapporo snow festival, which takes place in late January and early February
  • Hakata Dontaku Matsuri

Take a Trip to Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji is the tallest active volcanic mountain in Japan which also serves as a sacred mountain in the Shinto religion. Located in the southwest of the country’s capital—Tokyo, this mountain is one to look out for and explore to the fullest as a tourist visiting for the first or second time to enjoy a breathtaking view. 


Mount Fuji can also be viewed while on a train ride from Tokyo and Osaka if you take the train from Tokyo in the direction of Nagoya or Kyoto. You can enjoy the best from this mountain around Shin-Fuji Station on the right-hand side of the train, about 30-40 minutes into the journey.


The mountain is officially opened for climbing only in July and August due to extreme weather conditions. Here are other things you can do when you visit Mount Fuji:


  • Explore the Sengen shrines, a collection of other shrines in Fuji. Here, you can fully experience the religion of Japan. 
  • Have fun at the Fuji-Q Highland, one of Japan’s leading amusement parks with many thrilling record-breaking roller coasters. 
  • Visit the Itchiku Museum, where you can explore the country’s art and dye ancient culture. 


Check Out the Buddhist Temples


Your voyage to Japan is incomplete without a visit to at least one of the Buddhist temples. Deciding on the right temples to visit might be a bit daunting if you have limited time to tour. Here are the ones you can explore to get a whole experience of the Buddhist lifestyle and religion; Golden Pavilion, Sensoji Temple, and Shitenoji Temple. 


Some of these temples allow tourists to sleep over to get the whole experience and learn more about the daily Buddhist lifestyle. You can participate in making their food and also the meditation process. 


Whatever you do at these temples, make sure you allow yourself to soak in the experience properly by getting involved in all the activities. You can also record some of the events, so you always have something to reminisce on.

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