July 24, 2024
Dheeraj Kumar New Movie Tu Judaa

From Action to Romance, Dheeraj Kumar With a New Movie!

Seems to be a romantic season in the Punjabi Industry. Every superstar is coming up with a romantic movie to keep the audience feeling good during the lockdown times. Recently, actor Dheeraj Kumar has announced the shoot of his upcoming romantic movie “TU JUDAA” with the director Inder Sohi. 


ActorDheeraj Kumar
WriterInder Sohi
DirectorInder Sohi
ProducerJyoti Jwala, Tarsem Kaushal, Nitish Sharma and AK Arjun

The producers of this movie are  Jyoti Jwala, Tarsem Kaushal, Nitish Sharma and AK Arjun. With the title, we can easily guess how amazing this movie will be. 

Dheeraj Kumar posted a picture of the clapper with a girl’s hand holding a boy’s hand, which any person can establish to be a romantic movie. He captioned it in his own style writing:

‘Action ton baad thoda Romance😍 ………..“Tu Judaa” ……….’

Eagerly waiting for such a great project. 

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