June 17, 2024
Punjabi Entertainment Industry Gets Covid Vaccination

Get Vaccinated, STAY SAFE – Punjabi Entertainment Industry

With the drastic increase in covid-19 cases, a vaccine has been developed to make a difference in the nation and among the citizens. From commoners to celebrity faces, everyone is getting vaccinated to create the difference and making other people aware of it. Every celebrity is spreading this message by posting their videos and pictures to keep the ball rolling in the nation. Here are some of the Punjabi Artists keeping the drive going on:


The most loving actress of the Punjabi Industry, Simi Chahal got herself vaccinated. Being Sunanda Sharma and Simi Chahal good friends, Sunanda Sharma is seen volunteering at the covid-19 vaccine drive while Simi chahal updated her instagram family with a video and adding CHAL MERA PUTT title song in the video with a caption: 

“Was i scared ? Or am I a Psychopath who smiled through it and didn’t even know that it was over 😂💀💉”


The dearest of all the girls in the town, Diljit Dosanjh got vaccinated with his first jab of PFIZER on 17th May, 2021. He updated his fans and Instagram family with his story. 

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Diljit Dosanjh Get COVID Vaccination
Diljit Dosanjh Get COVID Vaccination


Comedian actor, Jaswinder Bhalla got his first dose of covid vaccine. He posted a picture of him with a caption in his style, writing: “Appan tn ji nichorh kadh liya k corona tn jmmaa hi gharwali verga, pehlan pehlan tn lgda c k kaabu krr lvange, Par fir baad ch ja k samjh ayee k bhai ehde naal tn adjust hi krna penna… so haar k ajj lvaa liya teeka”


The serious actor, Jimmy Shergill got his first dose on 2nd April and awaring people with his post on social media handle to get yourself vaccinated with his caption, writing: 

“I got it ..pls get yours 🙏 #covidvacccine 🤗🤗 I thank all the doctors and frontline workers #cooperhospital 🙏🙏”.


The singer Gagan Kokri got himself vaccinated a week ago. With his instagram post, he wants every other person to get himself and his family vaccinated to make the nation a better place to live in. He also urges them to get proper suggestions from their family doctors and get vaccinated. His caption is as: 

“Lag gya TEEKA , badal GAIAN gallan 😂 lol just kidding.

I just got vaccinated and I urge you all to get your vaccination in whatever country you are living in after doing your proper research. I would like to thank district manager SUNNY DHERI and his @walgreens Tracy CALIFORNIA team for looking after me and providing me @pfizerinc”


Famous Punjabi Singer, Miss Pooja got herself injected with the first jab of covid vaccine on April 8. She shared this good news with her instagram family and asked them to get their jab done as soon as possible. 

In her caption she mentioned: 

“Aapan te loa leya corona da teeka tusi v lava lao jaldi jaldi. Be safe 👍🏻”


The cutest singer in the Punjabi Industry, Armaan Bedil got his first dose on 8th May. He triggered everyone through his Instagram post with the caption: 

“Don’t wait ..vaccinate 🙏🏻”


The one of the favourite lyricists in the Punjabi Industry, Nirmaan influencing others with getting the dose of covid vaccine and sharing a small clip of it on his social media handle with the caption:

“Vaccinated and it feels good 💉”

So, it is a great initiative of every celebrity to make people aware of their small clippings and posts and urging them to get themselves vaccinated. Let’s keep the ball rolling and make the nation a better place to live in!!

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