May 21, 2024
Great Khali Trolled on Instagram

The Great Khali Turned Off Comments Over Instagram Getting Greatly Trolled

Scrolling instagram and finding every other post of the Great Khali facing shower of insane comments on his post. Nowadays, people have a habit of making a bizarre out of a word and keep the thing going on for days and even months.

Same was something faced by The Great Khali. It all started with just an instagram live of him and cybersurfers having a habit to start a trash talk. Just with a comment on the live to bursting the whole instagram with memes and other comments on the posts of such a great personality.   

Some absurd comments included- “Sir shirt faila ke aasman bana do”, “Sir apni chati pe IPL krwado please”, “Sir Upar temperature kitna hai ” and many more.

Some comments even made people keep their belly rolling. It seems like Great Khali liked such comments at first, but when the things crossed the bars of limit, it created a pressure for him and he finally decided to turn off comments on his instagram posts.  

So, it is high time and we need to accept the fact that an excess of anything is bad for everyone, saying it to be a common man or a great personality. 

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