July 24, 2024
hug life review

Hug Life Review: The Landers Trio Is Unbeatable Now!

The Landers have faced a lot of dilemmas lately, but never let their smiles down. This is the best part of having such a friendship, where you need not worry about anything when you have a family-like friend. After being out of the hardships, they are unstoppable in entertaining us in every way.

With their new singles in various genres, they have already stolen our hearts and also made us dance to other tracks with the compilation of numerous beats. And now their song, Hug Life is a laughing stock for us. From the starting second of the video to the end, it has driven us crazy with the concept.

Guri Singh Lander has sung in the most perfect way along with female lead by Asees Chadha. She has already been the crush of every boy in the town, and also her acting skills are exceptionally beautiful in the song. She has been a sensational choreographer spreading laughter and dance among us. And now her collaboration with the trio has made us go fanatical to listen to the song on repeat.   

And how can we forget the main character Sukh Kharoud in the video? This is the fantabulous part of the song, where he is trying to sing and make our bellies laugh to the fullest. No doubt, but he is the best lyricist with scribbling down such genres in every kind. 

The music composition by The Sync has made us dance every time, and this time again he has not left any of that by chance. This collaboration is one of the best and we hope that the team comes up with other new concepts. Of course, keeping us entertained with every genre of their tracks. 

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