May 30, 2024
parmish verma clothes

Influencing others! Parmish Verma with his Dhakk Fashion Sense!

Achieving success at every step of the ladder, director, actor and singer Parmish Verma is making every boy jealous with his clothing. His way of styling with different brands and his way of making himself comfortable just with a tracksuit makes him look vogueish. 

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With his recent post in which Parmish Verma is holding a coffee and looking super hot in his tracksuit with branded shoes. Talking from his upper, he is wearing a Moschino Tracksuit Upper which is worth Rs. 41,068. The Moschino Tracksuit Lower is worth Rs. 24,074, which is a huge amount for a layman. 


How can Parmish Verma not show his love for shoes? Covered himself with the brand Moschino, he paired it with black Gucci Dublin bee leather slip-on sneakers worth Rs.46,150.

This adds a vibrance to his look and easily has stolen every girl’s heart in the town.

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