May 21, 2024
2009 Reheated Review

Limited Edition 2009 Re-Heated Review: Gippy Grewal Launched His New Track!

Gippy Grewal is a producer, director, singer, writer and actor. He works with the team very passionately and enthusiastically. Being versatile in every field, he kept his passion for singing at the very first place. He has released the bonus track from his album  Limited Edition. The title of the song is ‘Limited Edition 2009 Re- Heated’.

The song is all about the struggles that Gippy Grewal went through to gain fame among the people. He defined each and every hardship in the song he faced during his time of struggle. He has beautifully sung the song and perfectly penned down by Jagdev Mann. The music composition is handled by Bhinda Aujla. 

The video is the composition of short clippings from where he started and now where he has come to reach another mile in his life. A lot of the audience is going to take this song to another level and it will also make you emotional after knowing how the singers have to struggle to reach the top of the world. 

The song is released on the Humble Music youtube channel. Go and listen to the song and share your views with us. Subscribe to the channel for more updates. Stay tuned with us!

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