June 17, 2024

Mastering the Art of Increasing Your Instagram Views ​ ​

As Instagram videos, reels, and stories increase in popularity, they become a powerful tool for social media managers, content creators, influencers, and businesses. Instagram is a dynamic platform to interact with the target audience, expand the reach, attract new followers, and maximize the online presence. But it also comes with the challenge of gaining higher views as every creator is posting different types of content. Thus, persuading users to see and engage with your content seems difficult. In this post, you will discover some of the best tips and tricks to increase your Instagram views and generate better impressions.

Why increase Instagram story, reel, and video views?

With an ever-expanding sea of content and regularly changing algorithms, ensuring that your content is being viewed by the target audience is challenging. Increasing views on Instagram reels, videos, and stories provide a significant return on investment (ROI) and help reach a wider audience. Additionally, it improves many other aspects of overall Instagram presence –

Develop brand awareness: The more views your content has, the better your brand visibility is. Since the content circulates on the platform, it brings your brand in front of new customers, thereby developing a strong identity, increasing your follower base, and driving more sales.

Boost engagement: By regularly receiving more views, you can boost engagement with existing followers and other users. Instagram’s algorithm considers engagement rate as a key metric when promoting your content to users. The more people view your content and profile, the more they will follow you and engage with your posts.

Market research: Seeing the content of potential customers, competitors, or influencers helps in getting meaningful insights into the latest trends, users’ preferences, and the whole Instagram landscape.

Bring traffic to Instagram profile: Since the availability of many views on content gives social proof of its popularity and credibility, it works like a magnet to a profile. Viewers are likely to be impressed by the higher engagement of users and tend to click on the posts and your profile to discover more.

Improved networking: When you gain more views on your stories, it will allow you to better interact with others in your industry or niche. The increasing interaction can start conversations and collaborations that might otherwise be not possible.

Simple tricks to get more views on Instagram

Now that you understand the importance of getting more views on your Instagram profile and content, it’s time to delve into the ways you can increase your Instagram view count.

1. Consistency is a key

A study found that Instagram profiles that post more than 7x per week gain more views and likes. Furthermore, it helps in drawing the attention of more potential followers. Therefore, try to post more often to get more engagement and impressions. For better results, upload different sorts of posts. Per week, try to publish 8-10 stories, 4-7 reels, 1-3 IGTV videos, and 3 feed posts. Make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality of content while focusing on consistency.

2. Authenticity matters

When it comes to increasing views on Instagram, authenticity and originality matters. Make sure that the posts you are publishing don’t seem overly promotional or spammy. Moreover, if you want to buy Instagram views, avoid purchasing fake views that don’t come from genuine users. Instead, buy real views that are provided by active Instagram users. Genuinely interact with your target audience, post content that resonates with your users, and leave actual reactions.  

3. Join an Instagram pod

Instagram pods are communities of like-minded users where people engage on each other’s posts. These pods are also known as engagement groups and help participants to expand their reach. Telegram is one of the best places to search for the appropriate pods. Simply enter the keywords relevant to engagement groups and your industry in the Telegram search bar. Find the pertinent group and join it. You can also ask people in your contacts to invite you to their pods.

4. Utilize relevant Insta hashtags

Leveraging popular hashtags for your Instagram content can significantly increase your views and post visibility on the platform. Select and use tags relevant to your niche and content to let your content appear at the top of the feeds of users who search for or follow those hashtags.

5. Collaboration

Collaborating with other content creators and/or influencers is beneficial to reach new users on Instagram. When you duet with trending videos of another popular creator, you have more chances to get better exposure to your followers. This will be a win-win situation for both parties in collaboration.

6. Post at the perfect time

To get more engagement and impressions, it is important to publish posts at the right time. If you upload content when most of your audience is online, more users will naturally view your content. The right time to post differs daily. You can try posting at less popular times because you might have less competition at this time as most creators post at the best times. You can also experiment with posting content at different timings and using the built-in insights of Instagram.

7. Add the popular and relevant sound effects

Find trending sounds or music on Instagram and use them accordingly in your reels, videos, or stories. Adding popular sounds will help you to drive the attention of viewers and elevate your content mood.

8. Appear on the Explore page

When you create and publish your content, your motive should be to appear on the Explore page to get more impressions. If you create high-quality and shareable content and implement the tips mentioned above, you are likely to get on this page. Inform users in your engagement group immediately once you publish a post to get more views, likes, shares, and comments.

In conclusion, posting high-quality content with trendy elements like hashtags, captions, etc. at the optimal time can bring more views. Take care of authenticity when buying views or collaborating with others. Keep an eye on Instagram trends to leverage them in your content.

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