May 21, 2024
Mere Wala Jatt Song Review Prem Dhillon

Mere Wala Jatt Review: Prem Dhillon Drops His New Single Track

The Punjabi music Industry has today set a level and created a hype among the audience. Not just in Punjab but all over the world, people can be seen listening and enjoying the beats and bass whether in a car or at weddings.

Prem Dhillon is another singer who has created great hype in the industry. Entered the industry in 2018 and now a popular and personal favourite among the youth. With his one on one hits, he is back with another single track MERE VALA JATT, which has gained 5 million views in just 9 hours on youtube. 

The video concept by Sukh Sanghera has killed every other video. The girls in the video look so amazing especially the end part when the girl comes out with her gun is just the coolest scene of the whole song. The lyrics by Prem Dhillon are going great with the lyrics. 

Prem Dhillon is today a star and we can say that THIS JATT IS ALWAYS IN CHARCHA nowadays. We hope that he comes up with such amazing songs and makes the hype rise and rise with such albums and songs.

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