April 16, 2024
Moosedrilla review

Moosedrilla: Moosa Jatt And Divine Keeping up The Pace

‘SIDHU MOOSE WALA, OH YAAR EH TA SACHI PRAUHNA SADA AAGYA’ is the statement on the lips of everyone today. Making a grand entry, He is giving back to back superhits to the youth. 

Keeping up the stride, he has made a collaboration with Rapper Divine, who is also a well known superstar among the youth. Keeping up the promise of 30 songs in his album MOOSETAPE, they are finally here with the most aggressive song of the album named ‘MOOSEDRILLA’. 

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Through his stories, he said that this would be the most aggressive song of the album and his personal favourite. Fans are keeping their USTAAD JI trending on youtube. Though, since last year he has not released a song and now that he is back, he is unstoppable for every other person.  

Divine, one of the famous rappers hailing from Mumbai has also collaborated with other Punjabi Singers. But truly speaking, the energy he got collaborating with Sidhu Moose Wala is kinda different and powerful. The Kidd has not left a beat said to be forgettable for every youth. 

When Moosetape’s first song was released, it created such a stride for the youth that no one can keep their ears off this album. This album already got so much love and support from every other person in the world that it is today hitting Billboards.

So, KEEP CALM AND LISTEN MOOSETAPE!! We wish Sidhu Moose wala and other music producers great success with the album.

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