June 17, 2024

Popular types and genres of themed online slots

Do you prefer pub games to Online Casino Slots? While certain companies are developing increasingly sophisticated offerings, some have retained the nostalgic side. Below are the types of online slot games most loved by gamblers.


The 90s were retro. That classic style is brought back by Evangelion, a slot based on the popular Japanese animated series of the same name.

Western Belles

This saucy dame brings to life an excellent interpretation of both old movies and more risqué tastes. This slot can be accessed online and features a number of extra features.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

This Net Ent slot is quite unlike the others. Despite being a game from the early 2000s, Creature from the Black Lagoon is visually stunning. The game has been recreated. All game elements have been integrated into this brand-new game but remain faithful. There is also a movie soundtrack for a proper B-movie experience.

Rubics Riches

The console on this slot looks and sounds like an old fruit machine, but these reels have replaced them with a Rubik Cube. The Ladbrokes casino has found the right fit to revive an infamous retro puzzle.

Reel Rush

Reel Rush has adapted its symbols from the classic slots and your favourite 8-bit computers to create an incredibly simple and addictive online slot, surrounded by a recognizable background of green pipes and mushrooms.


Safecracker was a leading early, innovative slot that can now be viewed at Slot Heaven. Three-reel games, one win line, one big win, a clever interface with an LCD safe that cracks into an immense vault. It’s very beautiful, easy to play, and has enormous prizes. Can we have a lot of it?

How do we rate slot games?

Our expert staff brings you all the most updated information available about top online slot games. Our reviews include many different aspects, from banking and customer service to game selections or bonuses. Let’s look at a few factors that should be considered when selecting online slot machines for your business:

Fantastic progressive jackpots.

Progressive slot machines rarely appear in the news since they’re paying real money. Progressive games give players the opportunity to win huge amounts of cash. Most of their prizes can be won in just one spin. The biggest jackpots will be uncovered on our site, and it will also give you the best information regarding some of the hottest gaming titles.

High-quality download software

Many players like to download their casino apps from the web, so it is easy to use and quick to reach. Before evaluating any online slot, our tester always checks out any available free download programs first. We will try this on a wide variety of devices to guarantee a great experience.

The option to play for free

Many free and real-money games offer huge advantages in many ways. Free online gaming is easily accessible with a few clicks and does not require registration. They are, likewise, ideal for those looking to try to learn new games before they can play them for real money.

Fair play

Fairness plays a vital role in any online slots game as they are games of chance. The slot industry is driven by random results to create a satisfying experience for every player. All games recommended by us are checked for fairness.

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