July 24, 2024
Happy Fathers Day

Punjabi Songs Dedicated To Every Dad on This Father’s Day

Dad is not just a word but an emotion for everyone. Everyone expresses their feelings for their moms, but sometimes they can not express those feelings for dad. We get hugs from a lot of people but the warmest of all of them is of dad. He is the superhero for his children. No matter what the situation is, his smile never goes down. From bringing his daughter from the hospital to leaving her to another house, he cries from inside and never lets his tears roll down from his eyes. The emotions for dad cannot be expressed in words.  

Punjabi Singers have dedicated and sung songs for their dads. Here are some of our favourites on this father’s day.

10 Punjabi Songs Dedicated to The Dads

  1. Bapu Bamb Banda – R Nait

A new single track by R Nait dedicated to his dad has been released today. Bapu is the Bamb Banda for his children. The concept of the video is just amazing and the way the father shows his love for his children is speechless. The story shows that a father will always go to any extent to make his child’s future bright. The lyrics are given by R Nait and are beautifully sung. The team had done a fabulous job on this father’s day

  1. Aaja Bapu – Jazzy B

Recently, Jazzy B in the memory of his father sung a song AAJA BAPU. The most emotional song for the dads. The first scene of the song is so beautiful when Jazzy B’s dad dances after meeting his son. In the video, he adds the pictures of every other punjabi singer with their dads and we think that is the most lovely presentation of any song.

  1. Dheeyan – Shree Brar

A song presenting the most charming relationship of a dad with his daughter. Dheeyan, another melody by Shree Brar is composed and written by Shree Brar. The concept shows the love and the emotion of a daughter to her dad. The video by B2Together Pros is as appealing as the relationship between dad and daughter.

  1. Baapu – Amrit Maan

Amrit Maan has always made us go nuts with his hip hop genre. But his other side makes us emotional. His song Baapu has made everyone cry. Every word of the song beautifies the presentation itself. The way the son makes his dad proud is the best feeling for any dad. 

  1. Bapu Naal Pyar – Singaa

Bapu Naal Pyar by Singaa is not an emotional song but a happy song describing the love of dad and his son. The music by The Kidd is amazing as usual and the video by Tru Bande has made it alluring to the audience.

  1. Bapu – Sidhu Moose Wala

Father’s Day special song and how can we forget Sidhu Moose Wala’s Baapu song. Another magnificent song that makes every dad proud. Sidhu Moose Wala has made his dad proud at one of his shows, where his dad came up to the stage to meet him. 

  1. Bapu Tere Karke – Amar Sandhu

Bapu Tere Karke by Amar Sandhu is the most alluring song and the struggle of every dad for making his son go for further studies. And then his son makes him proud with all the success he achieved and makes him proud. The video is the perfect presentation of a dad and his son’s period moments. 

  1. Baapu Nu Aish – Harvey Sandhu 

Harvy Sandhu’s song Bapu Nu Aish is another favourite among the audience. The story and concept of the video is so engaging that it makes every parent and their children stronger. 

  1. Peo Putt – Amar Sehmbi

Amar Sehmbi, another talent in the Punjabi industry dedicated the song Peo Putt to his dad. Another direction by B2Gether Pros is beautifying the bond of the son and his dad. The concept shows that no matter what happens, the son always has his father’s back.

  1. Blessings of Bapu – Gagan Kokri

Gagan Kokri has made songs for his mom, sister and for his dad. Every song he dedicated to his family member shows the same things that happen in the Indian Families. The love, support and hardships are faced by the family all together which is another beautiful concept.

So, the father is the backbone of the family. If your father is making every move of yours to happen, make him proud at every step of success. Just remember, when you fall he will always be there to hold your hand tight and never let you fall. We wish the superheroes Happy Father’s Day once again. 

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