May 30, 2024
Racism Faced by Young Sikhs

Racism Faced by Young Sikhs At Whitman Shops, Burlington Station, US

Indians are now-a-days facing attacks irrespective of their age. We hear day by day racist attacks on the Sikhs all around the world. One side, a matter of Sikh facing racism is solved and the other side a new case rises up. 

Similarly, a new incident has been captured in the US where two Sikh teens were harassed by a group of students at Whitman Shops in Burlington Station. The victims were Chazbir Singh aged 13 and Yuvraj Bindra aged 13. After the incident took place, the victims were interviewed and Chazbir revealed that he was punched in his face and added,

“It doesn’t matter who we are, what you look like,” he said. “You may be targeted for anything. I certainly don’t want to see my classmates at school being hurt for what they look like and how they’re different.”

They were harassed at the mall because of their beliefs and wearing patka. The teens explained that they were getting rid of them, while the group continued to follow them and as Chazbir Singh turned, He got punched by one of the boys in the group.

 No one in the society would bear such an action. To this the parents of Yuvraj Bindra stated that

“This was not just one comment that sometimes kids make and forget about it. They actually stalked them for some time, an hour or so, and actually punched one of our kids and another kid actually recorded it … Making people aware of this will definitely put some pressure on them from the sense this is not the right behaviour.”

The complaint has been filed and the investigators are looking into the matter. Hope to get justice for such acts.

Source – NBC Newyork

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