July 24, 2024
Happy Birthday Amrit Maan by Viral Kursi

Sending our Heartiest Birthday Wishes to Goniana Vala, Amrit Maan!

Mark the date, 10th June, Amrit Maan’s Birthday. Amrit Maan an amazing singer and lyricist in the Punjabi Industry has achieved a lot of success since he entered the Music Industry. 

Started as a songwriter and now the favourite singer and actor among the audience. He was born on 10th June, 1992. He has turned 29 years today. With his songwriting, he has also won hearts with his styling and fashion looks. 

His song has hit the dance floors in the Non-Punjabi and Punjabi Weddings. His song PEG DI WASHNA has achieved the most views on youtube. Recently, he released his new song ALL BAMB which is another hit on youtube. 

Amrit Maan with his parents

He has attained everyone’s attention since he entered the industry. We send our heartiest birthday wishes to him and his family and may God bless him with more and more success. 

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