July 24, 2024

Seven Things to Know Before You Travel to Qatar


Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It is located in the Western Asian region on the northwestern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, covering 11,586 square kilometers making it one of the regions with mass land areas. 

Like every other country globally, Qatar is governed by rules and regulations. The country is effortlessly beautiful, with unique ways of life attracting travelers worldwide. You can expect to enjoy your stay in this beautiful country with monumental structures that span the entire borders of the country.  


If you’ve decided to make it to the country or already have your tickets ready for a trip, here are seven things to know before booking your trip if you’re visiting the country for the first time, especially for the FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule.

Know and Understand the Dress Code

Qatar is a country that has a strict dress code in place for its citizens, and as a tourist, you’ll need to abide by these strict dress rules too. Your body is supposed to be fully covered while touring the streets of Doha and other major cities in the country. 


The rule applies to both men and women, but when inside the premises of an international hotel, you’re free to dress in shorts and off-shoulder clothes. If you plan to visit the mosque, ensure you go in with a headscarf if you’re a woman and a long, full-body-covered jalebi for men. 

Get Ready for Friday Brunch 

Friday brunch is one of the best ways to meet people and explore the cuisine in Doha. Every Friday, the city hotel-based restaurants offer everyone an extravagant food affair where people get to pick what they can eat with a drink as an add-on, and this typically runs for over three hours from noon. You can expect to spend a total of $170 on this treat. 

You Should Pack a Jumper

Depending on the time of year you visit Qatar, you might need to park a jumper due to the extreme weather conditions. If you travel in early May or September, parking a jumper for your trip is inevitable, as this is the country’s hottest time of the year. 

Get a Smartphone

Traveling without a smartphone is almost always a bad idea, as this is what helps you navigate your way around every city you visit. 


And due to the effect of the 2020 global pandemic, Qatar has made it mandatory for all tourists to install the Ehteraz mobile app on their phones to help them track each person’s vaccination status. 


You won’t be allowed to access anywhere in the country without showing them the information on your status using the app. 

Safety and Security are Guaranteed

Qatar has one of the lowest crime rates in the world; it is a surprisingly safe region of the Middle East for tourists, including female travelers. Getting robbed is uncommon as security cameras are installed almost everywhere in the nation. 


Knowing and abiding by the rules is essential for staying safe in Qatar. For instance, getting intoxicated in public might result in jail time. The country is progressive in many aspects, but its laws on LGBTQI+ aren’t one of them. Some hotels won’t allow same-sex couples to log in, as it is prohibited in Qatar.


If caught stealing or doing drugs, you can get killed or spend a very long time in jail. It is also advisable to not physically touch women who are not related to you in an inappropriate way if you are a man, as this might also put you in trouble. 

Avoid Drinking in Public

Taking alcohol in public is prohibited in the country. While it is expected to be available during the world cup, tourists can only buy and drink in the hotel. And since it is forbidden in the country, a heavy tax is put on each drink, making it too expensive to buy.  

Transport is Cheap

Touring around the city is easy as transportation is efficient and cheap. The state-of-the-art metro was introduced in 2019, and it stops close to several of the city’s prominent attractions and several World Cup football grounds. 


The best aspect is that all rides—even to the airport—cost 3 riyals or less than a dollar. Uber is also a fantastic means of transportation in the country as it offers almost the same value as the metro.


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