June 17, 2024
Jazzy b twitter account withheld

Shocked: Jazzy B’s Twitter account withheld in India, Is it so?

Every day, hearing news about the account suspension of one or the other celebrity whether it is the Pollywood or the Bollywood industry.  Last time it was Kangana Ranaut whose account was withheld due to abusive content of hers on the account. 

Recently, we heard about the banning of social media sites due to the changing privacy policies and agreements in India. Now, we are listening to the daily news with the suspension of the accounts of popular artists, be it to be Punjabi Music or Film industry. 

And now we have come across the twitter account suspension of the Bhangra King, Jazzy B. we are unaware of the fact that why his account has been suspended in India. We have seen him tweeting about the reality of certain happenings.

Jazzy B is a famous Punjabi Singer. He is majorly known for his BHANGRA STYLE SINGING. He has been seen supporting the farmers’ protest sitting in Canada. He even attended the protests that took place in Brampton, Canada. He also made the youth aware of the injustice that happened in 1984, The Sikh Genocide. 

It leaves us with a lot of questions in the mind that “Is there anything wrong if anyone is sharing a truth or reality about something?” and many more.

We hope that he gets his account back as soon as possible and people get more and more strength to face the reality.

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