June 17, 2024
Kaptaan Fight Video Viral

Singer Kaptaan Inappropriately Texting Girls, Is It True?

A recent video got viral in which singer and lyricist Kaptaan was beaten allegedly by the public as he was seen texting girls in an inappropriate way. The video is like a year ago but was posted just recently. He can be seen apologizing in the video. 

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Kaptaan could not handle the situation and he reacted to the issue. As the issue was getting a heavy trolling, he wanted to clear the issue and felt social media to be the right way to clear it. Through his Instagram stories, he challenged the people that if they would be seen by him in any way, he won’t spare them off and added that it would be a one on one challenge.

He also highlighted that sometimes people are not very satisfied with the success of another person and want to always pull their legs so that they cannot climb the stairs of success. Kaptaan said that he would go live on instagram to clear everything that people think about him. 

Although he is guilty of the mistake he made, we are unaware of the issue of why he is being beaten by the people and who are the people he is being beaten by.  

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Let’s pray for the positivity and success of the young artist Kaptaan and hope that understands the situation.

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