December 10, 2023

Storm International 2023 Plans. What is the Future of the Brand?

From year to year, the gambling industry shows constant growth. Storm International, which started its journey in the gambling market back in 1992, still demonstrates excellent results in its work. This prompted the company’s management to launch active business expansion in 2023. 

No wonder they say that without the past there is no future. Therefore, Storm International shares information on the results of work in recent times. 2022 will long be remembered as one of the toughest periods in the history of the industry. Most of the brand’s business is located in Europe, including Ukraine. To say that it was not easy is to say nothing, noted Darren Keane, the Shangri La director. The brand team has a huge responsibility to ensure the operation of the clubs at a high level. As a result, the company has shown that it is capable of much, even in extreme conditions. The past year has given us the understanding that teamwork is more important today than ever. This became a key moment. The cohesion of the team and the strength of joint efforts have become a determining factor in the success. The company was able not only to stay afloat but also to build ambitious plans for the future. 

Storm International has accomplished a real feat in Ukraine. Being unable to work for several months, the young gaming complexes of Ukraine were able to revive. Isn’t it a miracle? The martial law in the country certainly affected the company’s activities. But the team of the Ukrainian branch of the brand was able to make the right decisions and restart Shangri La in the heart of the capital of Ukraine. One of the leaders in the gambling industry has reopened an elite establishment in Kyiv. It is noteworthy that the uniform high-quality standards of the company are observed. 

I am proud of the Shangri La complex in Yerevan, – Darren Keane, Shangri La CEO frankly said. The team of the Armenian branch was given a difficult task – to open Shangri La Yerevan in 2022 and reach pre-war levels. In October 2022, the long-awaited opening of the gambling house took place, and at the end of this year, the desired results were achieved. This means that all the tasks assigned to the brand team were fully completed. Further development is expected in the future. 

For the fifth year in a row, only the best gambling complex can receive the prestigious Golden Brand award in the Best Casino nomination. We are talking about an institution with 10 years of experience – casino Shangri La Tbilisi. 2022 has shown how to develop the gambling business in Georgia using this brand complex as an example. This means that in the future Shangri La Tbilisi casino is not afraid of any competitors. 

Storm International gambling clubs are very popular in Germany. The excellent results spoke for themselves and showed great potential for future growth. Let’s open the secret, in 2023 the German branch of the brand expects a significant expansion. 

Another direction of the brand’s activity is the Shangri La Live virtual project. Crisis times have not become an obstacle to the growth of the online platform. The high popularity of the site is explained by the well-coordinated actions of the project team. New gambling entertainment, new bonus programs, and the most favorable odds in the bookmaker – that’s what awaits Shangri La Live users. 

What’s in store for Storm International in 2023? The company will expand, which will undoubtedly lead to even greater prosperity. 

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