May 21, 2024
Tere Naalon Review Ninja Song

Tere Naalon Review: Ninja is Back With a New Single Track

Ninja is always known for his sad and romantic genre. He has released a number of sad songs which are so touching and melodious that one will obviously cry after hearing it. He started his career with Bhangra Genre with Kuwar Virk in the song ANND MAND KA TOLA in 2014.

Then he released his single Pindan Wale Jatt which gained a lot of hits among the audience. Today he is known for his sad and romantic genre. His song TERE NAALON is another melancholy released today. Just 6 hours and have reached 2 million views on youtube. 

Ninja and Payal Rajput were seen together in the movie Channa Mereya and now in the song Tere naalon, they have a good chemistry and look charming on-screen. The video by Baljinder S. Mahant is a different and a beautiful concept. The music by Goldboy is everytime the best. Yadi Dhillon is best known for his emotional and sad lyrics. There are other good lyrics by him.

Do listen to the song and make it hit the trending section on youtube.

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