July 24, 2024

Texas Hold’em poker and its different hands that can be played

Texas Hold’em poker and its different hands that can be played

The most popular form of poker variation is Texas Hold’em pokers. The game is so popular that even the marquee tournaments held across the globe never forget to feature an unlimited variation of it. The simplicity of rules, hand rankings, and gameplay, make this a perfect choice for players wanting to play poker. Even though the rules of Texas Hold’em may seem easy, this doesn’t mean it is a Childs play. A vast number of possibilities and situations may arise while playing, and this game becomes complex.


This game of poker has different aspects linked to it, like betting rounds, and even the position on the table may be different.

Before we start to play Texas Holdem pokerwe must know the different hands that can be played. 

Like all the other poker variations, the hands also remain the same in this one. These are as follows:


  1. Royal flush: When five cards belong to the same suit and are ranked from ace to ten, it’s a royal flush.
  2. Straight flush: Consecutively ranked cards, 5 in number, belonging to the same suit is a straight flush.
  3. Four of a kind: when four cards belong to the same rank, it is called four of a kind.
  4. Full house: When the player has three cards belonging to the same rank, and the remaining two belong to the same rank, it is a full house.
  5. Flush: five cards having the same suit is a flush.
  6. Straight: All different suits in consecutive order are termed straight.
  7. Three of a kind: Any three cards out of five that belong to the same ranking it’s called three of a kind.
  8. Two pairs: Simply put, it’s two cards that belong to the same rank and another two cards that also belong to the same rank.
  9. One pair: Same ranking of two cards, out of five, is a pair.
  10. High Cards: when all the five cards are completely unmatched and also do not fall under any of the above points, it’s called high cards.


The player holds five cards in hand, out of the seven cards that have been dealt. 2 cards are discarded, and the player chooses the best five cards. The two discarded cards are termed hole cards, and the remaining are called community cards. Let’s look at an example for a better understanding. Imagine a situation where the board shows nine of clubs, five spades, a king of diamonds, three of spades, and an ace of hearts. Now, the player, who has two hole cards: ace of diamonds and nine of spades, would have two pairs in hand (ace and nine) and would further lose to the player that holds three of a kind for nine.

Playing this game comes from understanding how hands are to be dealt with and even the order in which the play takes place. Understanding Poker game hands played in Texas Hold ’em poker make it a little easier for the players to win. 

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