April 16, 2024
Garry Sandhu is loosing his voice

The King of Melody, GARRY SANDHU is Losing His Voice!

Garry Sandhu, a singer, lyricist, music composer and actor, known for his work and his soothing voice in the Punjabi Industry. In a recent video, he claimed that after getting diagnosed by a coronavirus in the year 2020, he has lost his melodious chords, which is such shocking news for his fans. 

His recent video on Snapchat, claiming that he didn’t feel the melancholy in his voice the way it was before getting diagnosed with the covid in the previous year. Also, Garry Sandhu lost his voice due to excessive consumption of alcohol that he claimed in his snapchat video. It is hard to believe for every other person in the Punjabi Music Industry and even his fan family. Some people are questioning that he has the same voice as it used to be on his Instagram Live. The thing is that he is able to sing but is not able to feel the same for his voice. 

Source: Kiddaan Team Instagram

After recovering from the covid, he went back to track to his studio. While rehearsing he realised that it wasn’t the SAHAN TO PYAAREYA Vala GARRY. He blames himself for such a cause saying that in the past few days, he consumed a lot of alcohol, which is said to be the major cause affecting his vocal cords. Coming across the song ISHQ, which he released recently, he also added in his Snapchat that there are at least 4-5 songs which were recorded before being diagnosed with the covid. 

Instead of understanding the issue, people claim that he is doing it just for fame to attract the audience towards him. Garry Sandhu also took this thing in context that it is all true that this is happening and he isn’t lying at any cost. Every person knows his or her capability in one or the other thing and losing that capability is known by him or her. Same is the issue with Garry Sandhu, that he has now understood that he has lost his singsong voice.

Wishing him a speedy recovery, we all need him back in the punjabi music industry as THE MELODY KING. 

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