May 30, 2024

The Pareto principle

Of course, in order to move forward, everyone finds their own sphere of development. Most often, people choose to work from morning to night. They don’t care about themselves at all. Why? Just because they don’t have the strength to do it. But is it always necessary to do so?

The Pareto principle says the opposite – you put less effort, but you get more. Sounds a little strange for the modern world. This method is widely used in psychology, economics and even betting. So, you can less analyze matches and learn the game, but more income? Definitely not! Analyze the work of this principle in more detail.

What is this and what does it mean?

First, it should be said that this term is economic. Over time, it began to be used in betting. The main idea is effective work and a competent distribution of forces, time and energy. Also, often the Pareto principle can be called “the 20-80 rule”. 20% of the effort spent is 80% of the result, maybe vice versa. If you describe in words: every person should choose the right resource and the way in which the work will give the maximum “return”. Of course, without huge energy and time losses.

The author of this principle is Wilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist. Generally, this method was originally used in political science. But the economist argued that it works in any sphere of life. Pareto highlighted several sources and ways of manifestation:


  • The importance of deciding the right task. In betting for example: to bet on all matches in a row is meaningless. Most typically decide some important and interesting matches in which it is possible to predict the outcome.


  • Don’t spread on a few events and spend time studying each. Select one football league, which you can analyze and make a forecast.  Start betting with reliable bookmaker 1xBet. The betting company offers its clients to participate in various promotions and gives generous bonuses. Read the article bonus 1xbet and follow the game!


  • The use of certain techniques in different situations. It is quite possible to bet money on various matches and spend it pointlessly. But using strategies, applying various betting programs is a matter for those who want to make money.


  • A constant return to the beginning of your journey. You work, you see your small successes, you start to relax, but there is a return to the beginning of the path. So it can be in betting. A series of victories, relaxation, an overabundance of emotions, loss. Always be careful.

The Pareto principle in betting

We have already given enough examples, but we will discuss this in more detail. It is difficult for many beginners and already playing people to decide, even when everything is already obvious. Almost 95% indicate victory.

It is important to take into account that each person uses his own strategy, analyzes matches in his own way. So, 80% have superficial knowledge and are guided by them. 20% go to an in-depth study to find an outcome that will 100% lead to a win. After all, betting is an unpredictable way of earning money.

Therefore, in order to be better, you need to constantly improve your knowledge. Only 20% of players spend their time understanding the basics of betting. 80% of success here lies in the awareness of the betting company’s model, its capabilities and its budget. The “Leech” tactic is the worst – the player focuses on the bets of the others and bets on the same.

Let’s give some more examples to precisely fix the Pareto law:

  • 80% of the players will bet on the event and only in 20% of cases the bet will win. The bookmaker can see that the majority of votes are for a certain event and make the illusion of “contractual” due to a decrease in the quotation. It may also be like this: 20% of players will find a good way to earn money and go against the crowd. 80% of success is guaranteed to them.


  • 80% of players are trying to recoup with a series of losses. And 20% of conscious players will pause, analyze, find the right strategies and continue later.

To use this principle or not – it is up to you. It has repeatedly proven its effectiveness and truthfulness. But it has significant disadvantages. You don’t always have to spend 80% on a total study before you lose interest in the process. You can also not bet on only 20% of your free time. Likewise, you must understand that it is best to be aware of the situation yourself. Somewhere to combine strategies and principles, somewhere to use them one by one.

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