April 16, 2024

Things To Do While Traveling


As the Fall season brings great things such as football, sweaters, holidays, and more, it also brings colder weather, and when that happens, it is time to travel. Have you considered taking a break from checking NFL week 10 odds and sitting inside and taking a vacation by traveling. While traveling, there is a wide list of things you can do depending on where you go. 


Below is a list of things to do no matter where you go to travel. They are all general “must-do’s” in any city or state, or country, including examples. In order to get the most out of a traveling experience, the list will go over things to do before traveling and once you get to the desired destination.

To do #1: Pack/Plan Properly

No matter if you are traveling to Miami, London, Tokyo, or Toronto for a vacation, it is a must to pack the correct things. You will want to prepare for any type of weather, no matter the city, and making sure to research your destination’s local weather will help. A bathing suit is always a must whether you go to Florida or Europe, as you never know if you will find an awesome beach or just want to lounge in the hotel pool/hot tub. Along with clothing, make sure you don’t forget a toothbrush and other toiletries, as you never know how difficult it might be to find at your upcoming destination.


After you pack, you will also want to find the right hotel, BnB, or hostel to stay in. Make sure you pick a safe location, trustable area, as you will likely not be in your room often and want your stuff secure. You will also want to look at the location as you want to make sure it is central to all activities you plan on doing during your trip.

To do #2: Eat Good, Different Foods

Always at the top of my list for traveling is what food I will be eating and where I will be getting it. Make sure to research what type of cuisine your destination has and what top restaurant options there are, as you will want to mix it up for lunch and dinner as well as the multiple days you will be in your destination. For example, when traveling to a place like Florida, you will want to try some locally caught and fresh seafood as it is one of the prime locations for such food. 


Another example would be a place like Chicago, which is known for its deep dish. When in Chicago, there are many restaurants that are argued as the best for a deep dish so depending on how long you are there, try multiple to give your opinion of the best. If you are going to Asia or Europe, try a dish that is hard to find in the U.S. Make sure to always try things you can’t normally get at home.

To do #3: See Attractions

Like everything else as far as weather and food, doing research on the best attractions is key. Make sure to check for things like tickets or typical wait times, as these will likely be the most popular attractions for other travelers. Another great source is at your hotel front desk, as they will know “hidden gem” attractions and locations as well as the best times to check them out. The biggest thing for attractions, especially if they are popular ones, is to plan ahead. 


You don’t want to end up missing out due to tickets being sold out or the attraction being closed for the season. The time of year you go also helps! For example, you wouldn’t want to go to Colorado in the summer to ski as the season is over, but instead, you would want to go in the winter months. Make sure to also plan for backups as well for unexpected weather or closures.

To do #4: Have Fun

As always, have fun with everything you do. No reason to stress out or have an unenjoyable traveling experience. Try new activities, try new foods, and make the most of your time away from home. Follow the above, and I guarantee you will have fun.




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