July 24, 2024

Thomas Gravesen is one of Real Madrid’s most controversial players


The career and personal life of Dane Thomas Gravesen are of great interest to the soccer public. His move to Real Madrid in 2005 raised many questions. Experts consider such a decision of the club very strange. But in terms of sports, Real Madrid is stable at any time, so the predictions on its results in iBet789 are always relevant.

Thomas Gravesena was an implacable and brutal footballer. He played 49 games for Madrid before returning to Great Britain. Unlike many other players, Gravesen became a cult figure after he left soccer. It is mainly contributed by his teammates, who told reporters many interesting stories about the midfielder. Some are so absurd that it is hard to believe their veracity.

A fight with Robinho and Ronaldo’s knocked-out tooth

Real Madrid is a coveted club for many players. The team has a rich history and a massive number of fans around the world. Many often make predictions through iBet 789 to watch the matches in new colors.

Thomas celebrated the transfer to a great club in an unconventional way. During a hug with Ronaldo, he accidentally knocked out the striker’s tooth. But the conflict with Robinho was more serious and deliberate. The Brazilian was unhappy with Dane’s rough tackling, to which the Dane said he wanted to trample on Robinho’s head. It almost came to a scuffle.

Launching fireworks with Rooney

Before moving to Real Madrid in 2005, Gravesen played for Everton for five years. If you download and install the iBet789 apk on your smartphone, you can access the entire line on the “toffees” matches. In addition, forecasts for Everton can be made conveniently – on a walk, at work, or while watching TV.

Gravesen’s teammate at the time was Wayne Rooney. One day these players decided to have a shootout using fireworks. They bought many flares with gunpowder, hid in an old gymnasium, and started shooting at each other. Wayne Rooney, in an interview, talked about Thomas as a lunatic but kindly.

Car sales

The first club in Gravesen’s career was Danish Vejle. Here he played from 1995 to 1997. The player also managed to play for:

  • Celtic;
  • Hamburg.

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Playing for Vejle, Thomas decided to increase his income. The first thing that came to mind was selling cars. However, combining business and soccer for a long time was impossible. The playing qualities began to decline, and Gravesen decided to give himself entirely to the game.

Also, on the Internet, it is possible to find stories about how Thomas dated a porn actress and won $100 million in casinos. No one knows where the truth or the fiction lies.

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