July 24, 2024
Timetext review


Travel to the future with the series and the 1st film “TIMETEXT” PART 1 directed by Adityarijuan. Imagine a century with time travel machines, we can travel to look at the past life of any person and not commit the same mistakes committed by us in the past. Similarly, TimeText is a film with a whole new concept and vibe. 

Time is unstoppable by anyone whether it is a human or a robot, time goes on. Just think of a situation in mind, suppose you are living in the present with the date 9th June, 2021 and you receive a text of the date 7th August, 2025, will it be a surprise for you or would you  just make an addition to your list of junk messages?  

Now, think about the movie TERMINATOR which is a Sci-Fi movie directed by James Cameron. The plot of the movie revolves as a Robot is sent back from the year 2029 to the year 1984 to kill a lady whose son is going to save mankind with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 

With every twist in the trailer, you are definitely going to give a stunned look to every scene in the film. The film “TIMETEXT” is a science fiction story about Time Travel. It is a film based on sending messages to the past from the future. Everyone in his or her life always had a thought once in a lifetime, ‘KASH HUM FUTURE MEIN JAA SAKTE’. This is a Sci-Fi series with the same understanding directed by Adityarijuan, Releasing on the YouTube Channel HUSKY MOTION PICTURES. 

For science and the scientists, time is still a mystery for them to discover. It is also the biggest dilemma for everyone living out there in the world. Everything is possible in the world, but humans travelling to the future can be said to be a little harder task. But, surely with the upcoming cutting edge technological advancement, it can be made possible. 

If we talk about Evolution of Technology, it can be seen that from a keypad phone to a touchscreen and now making calls and other things just through your voice, it has changed the way we live today.

Technology makes things happen with just a radar of an eye, you can locate the information of the particular person you want. From writing  phone numbers in a diary to locating them with a GPS PIN, the story revolves around a tiny digital code travelling through time.True Science and advancement for a better and peaceful world is waiting for us in the future.

As Rightly said by Nicola Tesla, 

“The Present is theirs; The Future,  for which i really worked,  is Mine”

Now-a-days, Sci-Fi is a concept that is loved by every other youngster in the world. The youth is always craving to know about the changes that will take place in the near future and what is going to happen to the upcoming generation. 

Is it possible to send a text to the past or the future? The story revolves around the answer to the question. When we watch the trailer, it is shown that a girl is receiving a text from the year 2025 and the girl is being ignorant of the message and as said she made an addition to her junk messages. But she is not aware of the fact that she is really getting a message from the future 2025 and making a statement that “Kuch bhi message bhej dete hai log.”

After watching the trailer, you would surely be eagerly waiting for the film to be released on 9th JULY 2021. To stay updated with the new upcoming, follow the links below for HUSKY MOTION PICTURES.

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