July 24, 2024

Tips To Buy The Best Baby Cradle Online

The first thing people generally buy for their newborn is a baby cradle so that they can give their child the best of their comfort. Also, many usually buy a baby cradle during the last days of pregnancy as it gives them the utmost feeling of the arrival of a child. 

Choosing the right kind of baby cradle is not only important for the child’s comfort but also for its safety and protection. 

Going to the store or ordering a baby cradle online seems simple enough.  However, your child is extremely delicate and requires the care to be gentle. He can learn new things and play comfortably only if he gets enough sleep. As a result, the cradle you purchase must meet all of the necessary safety and comfort requirements in order to suit your little one. 

In this article, we will tell you the features of the baby cradle that you should look out for before making a purchase for your child online or before choosing to opt for a baby cradle on rent.  Have a look! 

Features of Baby Cradle 

Following are the features of a good baby cradle 

  • Choose as per your baby’s age 

Before you make a purchase for a baby cradle, make sure you follow the thumb rule of buying the cradle considering the age group of your child. 

Up to 6-8 months: Cradles are generally safe for babies up to the age of 6-8 months.

Until the age of 3: It is recommended that the baby be moved to a crib after the age of 8 months.

3 Years +: Many parents switch their child to a bed at this age, though this varies by child. Depending on your baby’s age, choose a cradle or crib.

  • Make sure to check the safety standard 

Your child deserves all the safety and protection. For that, you need to check on the safety standards of the product before making a purchase. RforRabbit, a company that sells a variety of baby products, is fully certified in terms of safety standards. Their baby cradle is EN Certified, which is certified under European standards and complies with the safety standards. So make sure to check that before buying the products.

  • Choose a cradle with no or lockable wheels 

It may be important to buy a cradle with wheels so that you can easily move it around. However, once your baby learns to sit and stand on his own, a baby cradle with wheels can be risky. If you want a cradle with moving wheels, make sure the wheels can be locked when not required to move. 

  • Option for Automatic Swing

Nowadays many modernized versions of baby cradles are available in the market but the age-old way of mothers swinging their children to put them to sleep never goes old. However, the cradle these days have automatic swing options that ease out the jobs of the mothers of putting their child to sleep. Some of them also come with a manual option which helps to manually set up options of automatic swing. 


In this article, we have mentioned all the points required to know before making a purchase for a baby cradle online. Remember these tips before you head out to make a purchase for your little one’s comfort and safety. 


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