June 17, 2024
man with a turban kicked off seat

Turban: The Pride for Sikh Community While a Fear for Other People

It is rightly said that ‘NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER’. Sometimes the Sikh Community all over the world is recognised as a terrorist community, which is not the truth. Before cursing someone, we need to go through the person’s background and history. 

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A recent youtube video by Dhar Mann says it all. He explains in the video that we need to know a person before judging them in any way. An eye-opening video for those who give a wrong judgement about Sikhs. 

In the short presentation of Dhar Mann, it can be clearly seen that the lady feels uncomfortable with the Sikh sitting just next to his son. As per her vision, Sikhs are the spreading terrorists and she doesn’t want her son to get hurted. 

While the presentation is here with a twist in which the lady’s son gets choked by eating the sunflower seeds. Being warned for not consuming the sunflower seeds by the sikh man, the lady becomes ignorant of his words. But as her son consumes more and more of the seeds, he starts wheezing and choking. The lady calling for help and the Sikh man was itself the support to her cry. Later, the lady became aware of the fact that Sikh man was praying before the flight for the safety of the passengers and even her son.

If we talk about Sikh Community in India, they are sometimes called up as terrorists and sometimes they become God to everyone. Taking the incident of 26th January 2021 in reference, everyone including the media houses claimed the Sikh to be spreading terrorism while with the present scenario of Covid Wave 2, every other person rushed to the Gurudwara seeking help for their near and dear ones. But sometimes, we hear incidents of racism faced by the Sikh community in different parts of the world, not only in India but other countries too.

So, never judge a person before knowing him or her. Sikhs have always been a charm and a humanitarian for everyone in every aspect of life.

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