June 17, 2024
Punjabi Kids Influencers

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, Rising Up On Instagram!

Social Media, the biggest platform to come into the spotlight. The youngsters are the ones attracted to these platforms. They are making people aware of the ongoing events and even creating content to keep the world entertained. They have come up with a number of ideas by creating memes, comedy videos, influencers and even set up startups for their businesses.  

Not only the youth, but the kids are also ruling over Instagram with their cute dancing videos and coming up with other new talents. Meanwhile, these kids are fashion influencers. A number of designers also approach them to get their products promoted. Not only influencers, but they are also shining as the diamonds in the industry by getting featured in the Punjabi Songs too. 

Let’s get to know these ambitious kids and their dynamic talents. 


  1. Gursirat Cheema

Gursirat Cheema is an adorable girl with phenomenal talent. This talent was born on 7th February 2011 in the village of Kurukshetra, Haryana. She is 10 years old and a passionate bhangra and giddha dancer. She practices dance for at least 15 minutes a day. Moreover, she spends her day playing and studying with her younger brother. She also praises God every morning and evening. 

Gursirat Cheema has her own Instagram account which is handled by her parents. Her Instagram handle is cheema_gursirat with a family of 243K followers. She has added a number of videos of her special moves and stunning looks in different suits and dresses.  Moreover, she has a youtube channel on which she keeps us updated with her daily vlogging and a fan family of 294K subscribers. An upcoming star of the Punjabi industry is going to shine brighter in the future. 

  1. Kulraj Sharma

A 6-year-old bhangra Premi, Kulraj Sharma belongs to Jalandhar, Punjab. He is an inspiring folk dancer and is majorly seen performing bhangra. Adding new steps to his dance, he has spontaneously bagged medals at state and district level Bhangra competitions. He has a fan following of 66.5K followers. With such talent, he has been featured in the new track LOUD by Ranjit Bawa. 

Have a family of 8.39K subscribers on his youtube channel named Folk Punjabi Bhangra Kulraj Sharma. This is the future of our new generation who are keeping the culture still alive and taking it a way forward. 

  1. Alia

A lovely girl of 5 years, Alia makes a great pair with her brother Deep. Belonging to Ludhiana, she has made a spontaneous place in everyone’s heart. Making a great pair with her brother, they create videos on the latest songs and are one of the beautifully paired influencers. 

Moreover, they also have a youtube channel named DeepAlia fam with subscribers of 113K. She is known for her expressions and lovely lip sync.

  1. Samayra Narula

Samayra Narula, Abohar based girl with a passion for dancing and acting has a fan following of 437K people on Instagram. Her Instagram account is handled by her parents Meena Narula and Vinay Narula. She is an all-rounder in acting and can perform any action without any doubt. 

Adding to it, she also has a youtube channel with a family of 692K Subscribers. She is whole of innocence. 

  1. Kanishtha Kaushik

Another upcoming actor of the Punjabi Industry, Kanishtha Kaushik is 6 years old. She has a captivating talent for acting, singing and dancing. She also got featured in the single track of Shree Brar, DHEEYAN. She has a family of 198K followers on Instagram with the Instagram handle, kishtu_k. 

She has won the hearts of people with her expressions and acting. 

So, these are some of the upcoming talents in the Punjabi Industry, who will definitely win the hearts of the people and team up with great skills. Saying it to be acting, singing and dancing, they are going to take the industry to a different level without any doubt. Comment down your favourite stars. Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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