June 17, 2024
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Western Or Traditional Look, Which Look Glams Up Our Punjabi Actresses

With the changing fashion trends and time, Bollywood has made a number of changes in its clothing and designing. During the 90s, the actresses wore a simple and decent coloured saree and styled their hair in a puffy way. As time changed, the fashion designers entered the industry and changed the eyesight of the world. Introducing new clothing, naming them and bringing life to those clothing with different actresses.

Not only Bollywood, but the Punjabi Industry also have glammed themselves up in every aspect to shine and grow in the industry. Different artists have their own way of styling, dressing up and making trends. Some Punjabi actresses go on with the traditional look, which seems to compliment them the most, while some go on changing with the vogue. 

Here are the Punjabi actresses and we will have a look at their western and traditional looks. Let’s check them out. 

Western v/s Traditional Looks Of Punjabi Actresses

  1. Himanshi Khurana

Himanshi Khurana is known for her beautiful eyes and her exquisite choice in dressing herself up. The charm she wears with a traditional Punjabi suit leaves everyone awestruck. Every post of her on Instagram is filled up with lovely comments and too many likes. If we take a look at her aforementioned post, she wooed everyone with her dark green salwar suits. Wearing a decent pair of earrings, she thrills up her face charm. 

Now take a look at her western vogue, she is looking like the Cinderella of the Punjabi Industry. The glittery umbrella gown is a sparkling beauty. Another definition of elegance is Himanshi Khurana in a western dress. So we can say that she leaves an indelible mark in people’s hearts with her beauty and vogue. 

  1. Sonam Bajwa

The fittest actress of the Punjabi Industry, Sonam Bajwa is ruling it with her fitness goals. She is looking like the butterfly on the flower in her traditional Punjabi Suit. Wearing an off white straight short shirt with embroidered sharara with a pair of heavy decent earrings. Looking at her in a western outfit, she looks like a sizzling hot fire in a white short dress. I think that she looks more fabulous in western as compared to her in traditional outfits. The beauty leaves everyone awestruck with her western way of clothing.  

  1. Sargun Mehta

As chill as ice, Sargun Mehta is the most chilling and charming beauty in Punjabi Industry. She has won people’s hearts with her amusing videos on her social media handles. She is an eternal beauty when dressed up in a traditional Punjabi Suit. Looking at her aforementioned picture wearing a subtle red floor-length Anarkali with pajami and a simple mirror world dupatta. The designer Punjabi Jutti is a new trend with Anarkali suits paired with a beautiful set of jhumkas. 

Now, look at her super charming smile while wearing a western dress. Sargun Mehta has great tips for styling in western wear. In this picture, she is wearing a chestnut-coloured skin fit tunic with a pair of white shoes which galvanizes the outfit more. 

So, she looks amazing in any outfit like making a cloth alive. 

  1. Neeru Bajwa

As royal as a queen, Neeru Bajwa has every time left her audience heart throbbing with her dressing up. Saying it to be traditional or western, she just adds fire to the outfit. Neeru Bajwa’s love for suits is everlasting. She has a good taste in dressing herself up in traditional outfits. With her picture on Instagram in which she is wearing an off-shoulder pajami suit in baby pink colour and looks like a galvanized beauty. 

When we look at her in a western dress, she adorns herself in a multicoloured collared dress paired with beautiful earrings. I think she looks equally beautiful in every fit and adapts herself delightfully in the outfits. 

  1. Sara Gurpal

As buzzed like a bee, Sara Gurpal is known for her darling looks. Whether a traditional Punjabi Suit or a western dress, she embellishes the look of every outfit. Take a look at her in a yellow Anarkali heavily bordered with pajami and paired with a set of earrings. She leaves an impeccable mark on the audience’s heart and mind. 

Now, look at the beauty in the bottle green short dress western outfit. Sara Gurpal maintains the elegance she has while fitting herself up in a western dress. I think she looks more pretty when dressed up in a Punjabi Traditional Suit.

Modernize yourself by filling up your wardrobes with these amazing outfits of Punjabi Actresses. Comment on your favourite look and let us know who you like in traditional and western outfits. Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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