May 21, 2024
Best Comedians in Punjabi Industry

Who Are The Best Comedians in The Punjabi Film Industry?

The comedy genre is the most popular among the Punjabi Movies. The dialogues, the drama and the way of talking of every actor and actress is so funny and amazing that they have taken the punjabi cinema to another level. 

Every person irrespective of their religion or language enjoys watching Punjabi comedy genre. The directors create every scene interrelated to the daily use dialogues in a brown family. 

The Punjabi Cinema has come a long way with the contribution of some amazing comedians in the industry. Here is a list of some well known and talented comedians who make us laugh till our belly does not stop aching with laughter.

List of Best and Famous Comedians in Punjabi Movies

  1. Jaswinder Bhalla

Started as a professor and now a famous comedian in the Punjabi Film Industry, Jaswinder Bhalla has a great contribution of his in the industry. If we talk about Jaswinder Bhalla movie list, the whole article is gonna be filled with his movies only. Some of his best movies of the time are Carry on Jatta, Jatt and Julliet, Daddy Cool Munde Fool and many more. Though every dialogue of Jaswinder Bhalla is just cute and filled with loads of laughter, one of his famous dialogues used by every brown family is “365 charitar naar de, saara saal bande nu marde”from the movie Lucky Di Unlucky Story. 

  1. Harby Sangha

Another favourite comedian in the Punjabi Cinema is Harby Sangha. Worked as a compounder and was introduced to the punjabi industry by Gurpreet Ghuggi. Harby Sangha has given us a number of hits and made us laugh with every character of his. His movies are a laughing stock. 

Harby Sangha movie list comprises Nikka Zaildar, Rabb Da Radio, Carry on Jatta and many more.

  1. Binnu Dhillon

Haha! His name makes everyone laugh and his character in every movie takes us to the knees. An actor and comedian Binnu Dhillon has stolen everyone’s heart. If you are getting bored, you can go and watch Binnu Dhillon’s movies. 

Started his career as a bhangra performer and also worked in various drama and serials. Binnu Dhillon movies list is also as big as Jaswinder Bhalla. They make a good father son jodi in the movies. 

Binnu Dhillon movies are Carry on Jatta, Vadhaiyan Ji Vadhiayan, Angrej and Many more. 

  1. Rana Ranbir

Shampy of Jatt and Juliet, Rana Ranbir is the most entertaining actor of them all. He is one of the talented actors that fits himself so well in the character whether as a comedian or a teacher in the movie, he presents himself in an fabulous way which is loved by the audience. Rana Ranbir movies list comprise Jatt and Juliet, Ardaas, Asees, Punjab 1984. 

One of his famous dialogues “Eh Shampy, eh Shampy de daddy te eh Shampy di daddi” from the movie Jatt and Juliet. Not just an actor but also a writer. He also wrote a number of songs and dialogues for a number of movies. 

  1. Karamjit Anmol

An old man, husband, father or friend, Karamjit Anmol plays it all very well. He is one of the biggest comedians in the punjabi cinema. Not only as a comedian but he is also a talented singer. He has sung a number of songs for Punjabi Industry.

Karamjit anmol movie list comprises Carry on Jatta 2, Laavan Phere Manje Bistre and many more. His songs are in the movie Tu te Main, Manje Bistre and has also released a number of single tracks.

  1. Gurpreet Ghuggi

Talking about Punjabi comedians, how can we forget Gurpreet Ghuggi. One of the most talented actors and comedians of the punjabi film industry. Not just an actor but also a teacher of life for everyone. He started with having serious roles in daily soap operas. He also judged the show Hassde Hasaande Raho on MH1 Channel.

Gurpreet Ghuggi movie list comprises Carry On Jatta, Ardaas, Ardaas Karaan and many more. 

  1. B.N. Sharma

Here comes Shampy de Daddy from Jatt and Julliet. BN Sharma. A father, a gangster character played by this actor is well appreciated and loved by everyone. BN Sharma’s full name is Badri Nath Sharma. He has made us laugh so much that every dialogue of his sticks to our mind. 

Started working in daily soap operas and now went with giving us hit movies. BN Sharma movie list comprises Jatt and Juliet, Carry on Jatta, Jatt and Juliet 2 and many more. We are damn sure that one of his favourite characters among the audience is the Shampy de Daddy one. 

  1. Bhagwant Mann

Bhagwant Mann is another comedian in the list Of Comedians in the Punjabi Film Industry. His shows like Jugnu Kehnda Hai, Jugnu Mast Mast have won everyone’s heart.

He is today working as an AAP party member and raising his voice for social issues like education, health and many others.

Comment and tell us who among them is your favourite. We hope these talents enter the industry and give us such entertainment that we burst out laughing. 

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