June 17, 2024
Guggu Gill Like Punjabi Actress Anjuman Shaheen

Who is the one, Jatt Jeona Morh, Guggu Gill di Pasand?

The jewel of the Punjabi Industry, Guggu Gill is influenced by a Pakistani Actor, SULTAN RAHI, but not everyone is aware of his love for a Pakistani Actress, ANJUMAN SHAHEEN. 

She is usually paired with actor Sultan Rahi, and Guggu Gill used to love the couple on-screen.

Sultan Rahi with Co-Actress Anjuman Shaheen

Guggu Gill was obsessed with the dance moves and her beauty that he named his mare (ghodi) also ANJUMAN, after her name. She is one of the favourite mares in Guggu Gill’s stable. In some of the discussions about his films, he was asked if Anjuman would dance too in the movie? This was misinterpreted with the statement and later discovered that it was being talked about Guggu Gill’s mare, whether there would be a sequence of Anjuman’s dance moves too in the film. 

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Anjuman (mare) has made her debut in a lot of other films of Guggu Gill and others. It is said to be a lucky charm for Guggu Gill. The mare was also taken for an outside shoot of Guggu Gill’s movie ‘BADLA JATTI DA’

Guggu Gill With His Horse
Guggu Gill With His Horse

Though actress Anjuman has left the heavenly abode in 2000 but Guggu Gill has always kept her memories by naming his mare with her name.

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