June 17, 2024

4 Tips For Working Professionals To Stay Fit Despite Hectic Schedules

Fitness is a crucial part of human health. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle reduces physical activities and affects the diet. The lack of exercise and poor nutrition severely affect many people’s physical and mental health. Most people who work desk jobs cannot indulge in physical activities like sports or working out at a gym. Many working professionals work 5 to 6 days a week and 8 hours a day. Many of them also work on home assignments on the weekend. It surely affects their physical and mental health and severely decreases their productivity and energy throughout the day.  

Thankfully, a few major and minor lifestyle changes can help working professionals become physically and mentally healthy. Even a simple change of cooking meals at home can help you intake the necessary nutrients that you often miss out on every day as you don’t have access to  healthy food. One might think they don’t have enough time to cook food at home, which is a valid argument. But as mentioned earlier, you need to make lifestyle changes to help you achieve your fitness goals. You can plan your meals and buy the necessary groceries from grocery apps like Swiggy Instamart online to save time. So if you are determined to regain your health, follow these five tips for working professionals to stay fit despite hectic schedules. 

1.Wake up early  

 Many people have the habit of waking up just in time to get ready to leave for the office. They frantically get ready and leave for the office in a hurry without having breakfast or planning their day. When you follow such a routine for months and years, your body is more likely to store more fats as you starve it till lunch and fuel your gut with coffee and chai only. You are more likely to drain your energy by lunchtime and feel frustrated when you don’t have breakfast. There is a simple trick if you wish to change that. 

 Numerous studies and wellness experts suggest that waking up early has countless benefits. You have extra hours to do more things when you wake up early, at least at 6 or 7 in the morning. You can meditate for 30 minutes by just sitting calmly, closing your eyes and observing your thoughts as they pass by. That way, you have more mental clarity and less brain fog. You can also plan your day and create a to-do list of the tasks you need to do so you don’t forget anything. You can also prepare your breakfast, eat it peacefully and still have enough time to reach your office on time. This simple trick of waking up early in the morning can have massive effects on your life. But it’s also important to understand that if you want to wake up early, you must also sleep earlier. You can’t expect to wake up at 6 if you sleep at 3 at night. Even if you manage to do that, it isn’t healthy. So sleep early in the night to wake up early and start your day. 

2.Plan your meals 

If you call eating 2 samosas from a vendor outside your office lunch, then you need to think again. You can’t expect to lead a healthy life if you keep stuffing your guts with streetside food. You need a well-balanced and healthy meal that will make you feel satiated and provide the necessary nutrients to keep it healthy and disease-free. It can be challenging to cook your own meals when you are working full-time. You need to buy groceries and prepare meals as well. This is when meal planning comes into the picture. If you plan your meals ahead, you get enough time to prepare for the meals. For example, you can cut the vegetables and store them in the fridge to save time while cooking food.  

Grocery shopping is another time-consuming chore that most working professionals dread. But there’s an easy solution to avoid spending your valuable weekend hours grocery shopping and breaking your back carrying those heavy grocery bags. You can buy groceries online and save plenty of your time. You can buy the necessary groceries based on your meal plans, so you can still eat healthily and avoid overspending on unhealthy food. Don’t forget to add dry fruits to your grocery list so that you can munch on them when you feel hungry at the office.   

3. Include an exercise routine in your day 

 Physical activities are essential for a healthy life. When you participate in physical activities like logging, running or walking, your heart beats faster, improving blood circulation. When your muscles are stressed, they become stronger, giving you more energy, strength and stamina. Physical activities also send a fresh blood flow to your brain, which helps you to reduce stress and feel more energised and happy. Understandably, it’s challenging to take the time to go to a gym while working full-time. But, if you’re determined to improve your health and the quality of your life, you need to take out the time for exercise. Try to work out at home if you can’t visit the gym. Start with simple stretching exercises for the first few days to build a habit. Always remember that it’s not about intensity but consistency. A month of basic exercises is better than 1 full day of intense workouts. So stay consistent and increase the intensity as you move forward.  

4. Mediate daily 

your thoughts, just observe them and let them go. Take deep breaths and give more attention to your breathing. It will help reduce morning anxiety and stress and improve focus and productivity. Meditating regularly helps you stay happy, energised and more present at the moment.   

 For many working professionals, mediation is a far-fetched luxury that only a few have. But that isn’t the case. Mediation doesn’t mean you have to go to the Himalayas or a yoga studio. Meditation is simply sitting comfortable and observing your thoughts while taking deep breaths. You might experience that your thoughts are not in control, and it is difficult to concentrate. But let it happen; instead of controlling or analysing your thoughts, just observe them and let them go. Take deep breaths and give more attention to your breathing. It will help reduce morning anxiety and stress and improve focus and productivity. Meditating regularly helps you stay happy, energised and more present at the moment.   




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