May 21, 2024
Afsana reel viral

Instagrammers ask, “Is he Elly Mangat in The Viral Reel of Afsana Khan?”

Afsana Khan, another favourite singer of the audience. She has changed the viewpoint of the industry with her euphonious voice. She added a new reel to her instagram and is being questioned: who is he?

In the reel, we can see Garry Chetti falling off the stairs and Afsana Khan has a camera recording of that scene. Garry Cheti in the video resembles Elly Mangat and the audience is curious to know about who is falling, Garry Cheti or Elly Mangat?

The comment section is full of comments about Elly Mangat falling down the stairs. A bonus with the song Talja by Jassa Dhillon is added which is the perfect match with the video. So, guys, he is Garry Cheti and Not Elly Mangat in the video.

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