July 24, 2024
Hardeep Grewal Tunka Tunka

Tunka Tunka: A New Movie of Hardeep Grewal is Coming Soon in Cinemas

Since Hardeep Grewal has made his entry in the Punjabi Music Industry, he is unstoppable now. He is well known for his motivational songs and posts. He is spreading a good message among the audience to work hard and stay motivated with the simultaneous ups and downs of life. 

Hardeep Grewal was a lecturer at Ludhiana Polytechnic College and kept singing as his side passion. He made his first debut with the song THOKAR, which was written by Late Deepu Kokawalia. This was one of the major hits by Hardeep Grewal and motivation for the youngsters to never stop chasing their dreams but work hard for them.

Now he is totally unstoppable and is coming up with his new movie, TUNKA TUNKA. Though he revealed that he has been working on this film since 2017 but did not want it to be official. The movie has already won a number of awards in the International Film Festivals like New York Movie Awards, Paris Play Film Festival and many others. Now it is time to reveal it among the Indian fam family. 

The movie is surely going to be a motivation for every other individual. Though the movie has already won many awards internationally, so definitely, this is going to be another hit by the Punjabi Industry. 

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