March 2, 2024

Win Big Playing On Cricket Betting Apps

More punters in India are joining betting sites to play and earn real money. Naturally, one of the sports they enjoy betting on most is cricket, inarguably the most famous sport in the country. From online virtual games to several cricket tournaments taking place yearly, punters have a full calendar to play and earn real money. However, players need to know the best online sportsbooks to put down their wagers and win big.

How to play cricket and win big on online betting apps?

The process of cricket betting online is easy and fast. Here are the steps of how to play:

Step 1: Open an account

Punters need to open an account, and so only on the best online sportsbooks. The process takes a minute or two as there’s a registration form to fill out with your details such as name, email, or phone number.

Step 2: Make your first deposit

After the completion of the registration, you can add funds to your account through the various depositing methods offered by the sportsbook of your choice. This includes bank wire transfer, Paypal, or credit cards. 

Step 3: Claim your bonus

Many sportsbooks offer bonuses after you make the first deposit. Remember, the bonuses vary from one sportsbook to another, but this is a great way of maximising your first bet. Punters can also claim the welcome bonus and utilise it to make the most of your cricket bets.

Step 4: Place your bet

Here you can check the cricket odds and pick the market that pleases you to place a wager.

Step5: Request the payout

After winning money on any online betting app for cricket you can request a payout by clicking the withdraw button. You will use different withdrawal methods, such as bank transfers.

What are the different cricket betting markets?

Many cricket betting apps open the doors to a variety of cricket betting markets. Players can wager on single games, try their luck on picking contest winners or try in-play cricket betting. These sites offer a lot of options that will assist you in earning real cash. The following are the primary betting markets to check out:

  • Moneylines– It’s the simplest cricket betting option. To place a wager on this market, pick the team which you anticipate will win the game.
  • Handicaps- You can place a handicap on the bookies’ favourite providing the less favoured team an edge. It lets you bet on whether the favoured side will make the ground.
  • Top run scorer- Here, you wager on the highest run scorer in any cricket game. Additionally, you can wager on the top scorer from each team.
  • Highest opening partnership- The market allows you to choose which two opening batsmen will score the most runs before losing the first wicket.
  • Total runs- Placing a wager on total runs scored in a match or picking over/under a specific number of runs.
  • Leading wicket taker- You bet on the player you anticipate will get the most wickets in a match.
  • The number of boundaries- You can wager on which teams will score the most fours and sixes in a game and the total boundaries number overall.

Tips punters use to play cricket online.

Betting using the best cricket betting app is easy and fast. However, you must understand the basics and tips for online cricket betting. They include:

  • Research on which team to bet on cricket

Before betting on cricket games, it’s vital to research and understand the game. Ensure you know the gameplay and strategy to start your first game for a better experience. It will help you make more informed wager decisions, increasing your chances of winning. Remember during research to check their past performance and pitch conditions and read news on what would affect the match outcome.

  • Select a reputable betting site

There are many Indian cricket betting apps to download and start playing. When looking for one, ensure it’s reputable and offers good odds. To know the best, ensure you compare several websites’ odds. Through doing this, you will be sure that you play with the best in the market.

  • Start small

If you are a beginner, it’s crucial to start small. Start at a low pace to build your wallet and avoid unnecessary risks. Place small bets and keep increasing your wager as you gain more experience. It’s always advisable to become a master in betting without risking a lot of money.

  • Select your team and markets wisely.

There are various markets to pick from when betting on cricket online. For instance, different tournaments have varying markets. In two-day test matches, you can bet on markets such as daily winner and runs to be scored.

Betting on cricket online is a straightforward process. However, this doesn’t guarantee you will automatically win. However, the more you play, the skills and experience you can leverage in your betting. Also, remember to keep the game basics in mind and leverage these tips. It will help you win big cash on these sites.

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