May 21, 2024
top 30 Punjabi Youtuber

Top 30 Best and Famous Punjabi Youtubers All Over The World!


Today, the Punjabis have not stepped back at any platform, say it to be TikTok, Instagram and now Youtube. They have been appealing us with the best and top-notch youtube videos so that the audience does not get bored in the lockdown. The Punjabi Youtuber will now soon be soon to get featured in new single tracks in the Punjabi Music Industry. Here are some Punjabi Youtubers based on popularity. 

List of Top And Best Punjabi Youtubers

Sardar’s Take (42.7K Subscribers)

Sardar’s take is one famous channel in the list of Punjabi Youtuber. He has a strong opinion against guns and ammunition. He gives an update about the going on happenings in the Punjabi industry. Sardar’s Take also makes his youtube family stand against such racism, social evils etc.

Geet Nation (58.9K Subscribers)

‘Geetan Te Karan React Kude Ni’, Geet Nation, a famous punjabi youtuber giving reaction videos on the latest songs. The channel is headed by Deejay Dhillon with his friends. He is a famous Canadian Punjabi Youtuber and has a family of 58.9K subscribers. He is doing a great job by reacting to the punjabi songs, which are loved by his punjabi audience.

Simranjeet Patwalia (70.4K Subscribers)

Hold yourself back girl, a New York based punjabi Youtuber is no less than a superstar, Simranjeet Patwalia. He makes carpool karaokes with famous punjabi singers. His carpool Karaoke with Param Music and Karan Aujla had been the famous Punjabi Youtube video.

Sangtar Singh (70.6K Subscribers)

Another Canada based Punjabi Youtuber, Sangtar Singh is here with his comedy videos. Entertaining with his new funny content to keep his audience and youtube family engaged with his videos. He makes videos mainly related to what happens in a brown family which is something loved by each person in a family.

Katapa TV (76.2K Subscribers)

A Punjabi Comedy Youtuber, Katapa TV is another famous comedy youtube channel. He makes pranking videos and once you see just a video you would surely scroll down with his other videos. The pranks are just a different show for us, not the ones done by young kids. 

Rimple Rimps (117K Subscribers)

A Punjabi Youtuber making funny roasting videos, Rimple Rimps is another youtuber loved by the youngsters. Believe this or not, you cannot resist yourself from not watching his other videos by watching just one. 

Gill (123K Subscribers) 

The Punjabi Youtuber has never left any field on youtube saying it to be game streaming. GILL is a game streaming channel handled by Arshpreet Singh in Amritsar. Punjabis are nowhere just limited to comedy videos but also esports. Arshpreet Singh is a young Punjabi Youtuber with a family of 123K subscribers and audience love to watch his live streaming.

Flop YouTuber (161K Subscribers)

A book is never judged by its cover, same is the case with Punjabi Youtuber, FLOP YOUTUBER. He is a pure hearted man and won people’s heart with his vlogging, trips with his friends and much more interesting content.

Davis Dosanjh (170K Subscribers)

Another roaster in the list of famous Punjabi Youtubers, Davis Dosanjh does not leave any corner of your stomach to pain. Besides being a comedy Punjabi YouTuber, he also gives social messages through his videos which makes a big difference in the thinking of the nation.

Mannchann VLogs (190K Subscribers)

The adorable Punjabi Couple youtuber has left everyone in an awwe. The couple makes memorable vlogs with their daily vlogging and routine activities. MannChann is the combination of the couples’ name, Mann for Mandeep and Chann for Chann kaur. The lovely videos of this punjabi youtuber is loved by every other audience in the world.

Browngirllifts TV (216K Subscribers)

Everyone’s favourite Punjabi Girl Youtuber, Navpreet Banga is a cheerful girl who is adored by every youngster in the town. She makes fitness and comedy videos for her audience. She has a family of 216K Subscribers on youtube. She is now a Canadian Punjabi Youtuber as she moved to Canada later on with her vlogging profession.

Bhangralicious (320K Subscribers)

Another Punjabi Girl Youtuber, Amreen Gill is a Bhangra Trainee and owns the channel Bhangralicious. She offers training for gidha, bhangra and Bollywood Bhangra. Today, she is a Canada based Punjabi Youtuber with a family of 320K Subscribers. 

Harshdeep Singh (342K Subscribers)

A young Punjabi Youtuber with a family of 3 lakh Subscribers, Harshdeep Singh creates roasting comedy videos. Other than roasting videos, he creates Pubg and Free Fire featuring videos with exclusive celebrities.

Mister Param (356K Subscribers)

Another Punjabi Youtuber creating comedy videos for his audience. He makes video content in a way that it does not affect anyone’s sentiments and emotions. His content is loved by outh majorly and has a family of 356K subscribers.

Parvinder Singh (398K Subscribers)

Talking about Comedy Youtubers, how can we forget such a great stand up comedian  Parvinder Singh. With his impressive comedy and a cute smile, he has won everyone’s heart. No one ever wanna miss his live shows and we cannot never forget his cute dialogues.

Being Sardar (410K Subscribers)

A comedy Punjabi Youtuber and a cover song creator, Being Sardar has a family of 408K subscribers. He along with his friends create cover songs and comedy content for his audience.

Bhangra by Christine (412K Subscribers)

Another Denmark based Punjabi Girl Youtuber in the house with a family of 412K Subscribers, BHANGRA BY CHRISTINE. She has taken the folk dance of Punjab to Denmark, which is such a proud moment for every indian.

Prince Dhiman (500K Subscribers) 

Another comedy Youtuber in the list of Punjabis, Prince Dhiman with a fan following of 500K Subscribers. His main focus is creating roast videos and is liked by every youngster. His content is also famous on other social media sites.

Punjabi Vlogger (594K Subscribers)

Another Canada based Punjabi Youtuber, Punjabi Vlogger owned by Maninder Singh, loves to make people aware of his life in Canada with his wife and a baby boy. He has a family of 594K Subscribers.

Toxic Mavi (714K Subscribers) 

Another Esports Punjabi Youtuber, Toxic Mavi has proved that Punjabis are touching sky in every other field. He has gained a lot of fame and is known as the best player in the Pubg Mobile players in the world. He livestreams daily and believe it or not you can not resist yourself from not holding your stomach tight after watching.

Amar Aujla (732K Subscribers)

Amar Aujla, another roaster in the list of Punjabi Youtuber creating funny youtube videos. He suits the best creating comedy videos according to his personality. Sometimes, his videos create a buzz among the punjabi celebrities. 

BIR Ramgarhia (794K Subscribers)

Started as an influencer and now on the list of top Punjabi YouTubers, Bir Ramgarhia has a family of 794K Subscribers. He is a fashion influencer and now he creates videos based on his daily life. His way of styling and tying the turban is loved by every single Sikh boy.

BIRRING Productions (886K Subscribers)

The most unique in the list of Punjabi YouTubers, Birring Productions creates animated videos and adds songs of different singers in the background. He mainly features the characters of the GTA V game and this content is loved by his family of 886K SUbscribers.

Jaanmahal Productions ( 889K Subscribers)

Punjabi Vlogging Machine, JaanMahal Productions is another Punjabi youtube channel that creates content in daily life. He also creates short movies in Punjabi which is rare content viewed by the audience, but with his creativity, he has created a family of 889K Subscribers.

Harshdeep Ahuja (894K Subscribers)

The dad, the mom and the child played by a single man, Harshdeep Singh Ahuja is another Famous Comedy Punjabi Youtuber. He is such a good actor and his video a day is enough to make a person’s day. Now, he has started a new channel naming SARDARCASM and has gain a lot of popularity with his daily vlogging.

JUS Reign (973K Subscribers)

It’s been 2 years and we still have a belly ache due to the Comedy Punjabi Youtuber Jus Reign. He creates such amazing content and makes us laugh till we get down from our bed. He has a family of 973 K Subscribers.

Mr. and Mrs. Narula (1.03M Subscribers)

Another trending couple in the Punjabi YouTubers, Mr and Mrs Narula has a family of 1.03M Subscribers. From daily vlogging to featuring in different Punjabi songs they achieved a lot in life.

Jaspreet Singh (1.1M Subscribers)

Another Punjabi Comedian Youtuber, Jaspreet Singh is a stand up comedian. He creates such great content majorly related to the brown family. He has a family in millions and girls fall for his cute smile and his way of talking.

The Modern Singhs ( 1.21M Subscribers)

A Punjabi-Canadian Youtuber with a cute family, the modern singhs create amazing content. Abby Singh and Money Singh make the adorable jodi and now with their baby Noah, the cutest of all babies makes the channel look more magnificent to the viewers.

Manpreet Toor (1.24M Subscribers)

The hottest punjabi girl youtuber, Manpreet Toor has made the boys fall in the beauty of hers. Every girl in the town is jealous of her beautiful dance moves and tries to copy them. 

Not just Punjabi are getting popular on youtube but also in other social media apps. So, let’s support them and achieve success in every aspect of life. 

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